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Скупка б/у в Москве. Продажа цифровой техники

It was both difficult and happy, both uneasy and calmer than in many other countries, used to considering themselves as role models. In the world political unrest, Russia remained an island of security. At the same time, our voice and our actions carried a lot of weight in the world. But first of all, Russia, of course, took care of its own agenda.

The economic recession is over, and the country moved on to growth. And last week became indicative. Ice hockey players, hitting the ice with their clubs, were welcoming the player number 11, President Putin. On the ice rink near the Kremlin, a new match of the Night Hockey League took place.

Putin, Shoygu, Bure, Fetisov, Butman. Excitement and emotions prevail. The referee is there! Player Putin attacked constantly. Despite knowing who was approaching them, other players tried not to succumb. During a short break, they drank tea and coffee, took pictures with cafe workers and guests and then resumed the battle.

Таблицы размеров

This is sure to happen! This week, Putin actually outlined his program as a presidential candidate. A breakthrough of the country into the future, is possible if the existing foundation is preserved. In this, I see our common task, my personal duty and my civil and human responsibility, both as the active head of state and a candidate for President of the Russian Federation". At the largest-ever Russian Popular Front Forum, Putin emphasized that Russia must adequately respond to the fateful, historic challenges.

goodbye магазин умных покупок отзывы Черного солнца

We must be leaders in knowledge, intellect and social and cultural development. There are so many young people here in this hall today. But all of us, young and old, as the saying goes, we must all remember that Russia, our people, and, in fact, all our families, lived through a very complicated and extremely hard period in their history in the past century, through revolutions, wars, cardinal overhauls of their lifestyle.

We heard all kinds of prophecies at the beginning of the s. They said the country would break apart, the state would collapse, the nation would die off. People were crying because of despair and utter helplessness. Now, these videos seem unreal, but the whole country lived like this: Closed roads, constant strikes, rallies, and pickets: Who will answer to our children? It costs 50 rubles. He no longer eats breast milk, because my wife got sick. My second child will go to school, to first grade.

goodbye магазин умных покупок отзывы его диске

Or are we people? The darkness reigned in entire regions, rotating blackouts for everything and everyone without distinction, even hospitals and schools. Dying children in clinics without electricity, frozen cities: We have excellent specialists, mechanics. We can work, we can do all the work. But how can we go to work being hungry? Educated people were sellers at outdoor markets. Humiliated teachers and scientists: The policy of populism when they were saying, promising, but doing nothing.

Почему продажа б/у техники выгоднее в B&S?

Then they did nothing and took on new obligations that were never met either. This is a path that we must certainly avoid. We remember what it led to. It led to 40 million people living below the poverty line in , which was almost one-third of the population back then". People were paid with coffins, crystal vases, jars, pots. They were lucky if the currency was bags of flour: They need butter, eggs, milk.

Where can I get them?

Удивительно, но факт! На написание глубоко проработанных материалов уходит много времени, но усилия оправдываются. They said the country would break apart, the state would collapse, the nation would die off.

Officers worked as street cleaners: Mass desertion, the fleet was rotting, planes were on the ground. The country was breaking into pieces, governors were fighting with Moscow, mayors were fighting with governors; miraculously preserved factories were robbed by raiders. And it was back then that we had the best relations with the West in all of history.

This group consists of public and not very public people, but everyone makes their personal contribution to make Russia better. Now, the whole world is talking about Russian IT specialists, but in fact, the industry started from contraband foreign computers. Since the s, the situation has been changing, the system support for the industry has begun.

And now — the digital economy program. Sergey Karjakin, a young grandmaster, who has already proven a lot, a resident of Crimea, is confident that Putin will be able to resolve the problems that the country has. And if we strive for something and improve something, rather than break it, then, of course, everything will be better".

The fact that he knows how to listen to people, how he reacts, how he pays attention to everything, is important to me". This man keeps so much in his head and has so much information. They write the queue number on their hands. This is our achievement, the birth of a new generation of the audience, who are accustomed, in a good sense, to going to classical music concerts. This is an amazing achievement, we must talk about it". If you have ideas, speak up. The Russian Popular Front is a great way to help solve the problems of your city or village.

Instead of complaining about your life on the Internet, you can change it yourself. The Russian Popular Front, created by Putin only 6 years ago, has become a truly powerful positive social force. Thank you very much for your support! These millions of good hearts definitely deserve it". President, will you be with us next year?

These are mothers with many children, Afghan soldiers, and teachers. He knows first-hand what problems the workers have". This is always the case when one takes up the most difficult tasks, when one sets ambitious goals. Then nothing will come out at all". Putin sets new ambitious goals and relies on the broad support of people and the largest political force in the country, United Russia.

We must make Russia young, focused on the future. These tasks cannot be resolved with slogans and catchwords alone or just by handing out money to someone at a certain political stage without caring about what will happen tomorrow. This is a road to nowhere". Young Russia, according to Putin, is Russia with modern health care, with new schools and kindergartens, with modernized roads and ports, with increased real wages and pensions. This is Russia, firmly entrenched in the top five world economies, with global champion companies, with genuine economic freedom for those who conduct their business.

Russia, which is focused on the future, according to the President, is a country with a new digital economy, with a stable political system. Nothing undermines stability and steals the resource of development as much as untruth, injustice, lawlessness, the rust of corruption and bribery, arrogance and superciliousness, whether displayed by politicians, officials, businesses or those who call themselves "the elite".

Russia, which is focused on the future, is a country with a capable and responsible opposition, with a mature civil society. Such a society is resistant to any attempts to destabilize it. We know that such examples are plentiful in many countries around us.

It can happen very fast if we are not committed to stability in society. Will there be attempts of putting pressure externally in this respect?

goodbye магазин умных покупок отзывы Ярлан Зей

Of course, there will. We see them today. Are there any attempts to somehow influence, intervene and try to suppress public opinion in the upcoming election campaign? This is reported by the Commission of the Federation Council, which is engaged in this constantly. This can be seen with the naked eye. Will this pressure influence the people in the country? Only in that case will we be able to march from one victory to another.

I really count on your support, thank you very much for it". The action group supporting Putin will meet on December This day, the presidential candidate nomination procedure will be officially launched.

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